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Ravenmoon has been dancing since the 1970s.   She started in Compton/Lynwood with June Jones, who was her very first teacher and who led her on the path of discovery into the Mystical beauty of North African Dance (it wasn't called that then).

Since then, she has performed at many functions, gatherings, rituals and ceremonies.  Her influences  in this beautiful dance are some of the "Living Legends" and pioneers listed below:

  • June Jones
  • Juliet Raber
  • Feiruz Aram
  • Amaya of New Mexico
  • Delilah
  • Nakish
  • Maguerite Kusuhara
  • Jillina
  • Angelika Nemeth
  • Shareen El Safy
  • Hadia
  • Anaheed
  • Tonya Chianis
  • Sahra Saeeda
  • Suzanna del Vecchio
  • Mesmera
  • Ansuya 

There are so many more dynamic legends out there that she can’t name all.  Says Ravenmoon:  “We keep evolving and coming into being.”  These words were passed to her and now, she passes them on to you:  

"Each One Teach One!!!"  and "May you dance with passion, soul, health and happiness."

African Dance

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Ravenmoon and Alkmia African Danse




Veiled Essence

ravenmoon-veiled essense

A Veil is the Essence of the Beauty of the Goddess 

A simple dance routine

~Caress your veil, let the fabric glide over your body.  The veil is hed between the thumb and first two fingers~

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